The Challenge

The rise of Youtube's dominance has ranked the social media into one of the top three digital marketing channels for many music artists and publishers in the world. Hence many Ethiopian artists also have long noticed and have been attempting to capitalise on the opportunities that Youtube presents in order to reach their target audience. However, many artists have contacted AYMPRO and voiced their frustration with finding an honest, transparent, tech-savvy and business-minded digital publisher. Some artists have even spoken about their rough encounter with unscrupulous agents who have been unprofessional in all their dealings including issues of late payments.

AYMPRO saw a gap in the market and worked with Abby lakew to develop her youtube channel and marketing online. We helped AYMPRO with all the challenges from identity design to youtube banner design.

The main challenges Artist like Abby lakew faced were:-

1. Unauthorised music video publishing

2. Digital copyright infringement

3. Delays in album production & publishing

4. Lack of centralised video publishing

The Solution

The starting point for the project entailed research and information gathering, by listing every possible copyright infringement and documenting all unauthorised publishings. All production and publishing delays were noted. Once the problem had been specified then a plan of action was laid. These included planning each phase of the project, generating content, event calendar scheduling and setting dates and times intended for publishing. The output of the planning phase was a marketing strategy and a solid business plan which helped to steer the project forward, with evaluation at the centre. The execution phase had three parts, first, bringing all her past videos into one channel “created stickability” which further boosted her audience engagement. Second, producing two very popular videos “Yene Abesha” and “Befikir Eskista” to act as refreshers to entice and bolstering audience engagement, plus clear the way and ensured a quick turn around in video publishing. Finally, help and produce a new music album with two more videos to cementing her position within the Ethiopian music scene. All of which was produced around a successful deployment of a unified branding strategy.

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