We Believe in partnership to achieve great things.

Small enough to care, skilled enough to deliver.

We are a team of designers, business strategists and marketers, that provide commercial and creative solutions to ignite effectiveness.



We understand the challenges of creating and running a good business as we have been there and done that. Whether you are a small Start-up or an established business we can provide high quality and strategic plans, along with all branding and marketing services, to allow your business to really flourish.

Our team has the in-house skills to support both the strategic planning as well as the creative and digital execution of a project. When competition is fierce, what wins you customers and creates customer loyalty is focusing not only on what you deliver, but how you deliver it. In this day and age digital, mobile and social are at the core of most human activity. Whether you run an online or a mainly offline business, the average customer expects you to engage and interact instantly. Our unique value proposition is our holistic approach developed to transform your customers experience and turn it into your most valuable asset.

Power in Our People

Our talented team member will be ready for your service.

Sirak Yowhanes


Sirak can help you to explore future technology vision, by thinking ahead to this new reality, and decide what the organisation will need for the new digital world.

Daniel Abbay


Daniel has over 15 years experience as a Graphics Designer and Marketing working on projects ranging from Identity design to creating marketing strategies that deliver on ROI.

Henock Hailemariam


Henock is one of the Co-founders of C1S, a business excellence initiative, which aims to bridge the gap between business transformation, business efficiency and Design.


Our client loves us because of our quality work.

Our corporate messaging is now finely tuned to our market, allowing us to communicate with confidence. We’ve seen an improvement in sales conversion rates and an increase in revenue.

Nasrula Neetoo
Director, Accuaccounts

Working with C1S has been a pleasure. The team were more than, capable, pleasant, patient, and delivered excellent quality work from start to finish. We won’t bother searching elsewhere when our next need arises; we’ll head straight back to C1S.

Aman Woldemariam
Account Manager, Aympro

It was a great pleasure working with the C1S Team as the service they provided was top notch. I would recommend them highly.

Faith Johns
Director - Hungries Burger

“I was the biggest marketing sceptic there was, but C1S got to know our team and got everyone talking strategically. We respect what C1S has done because it’s having real impact on our business.”!

Sam Smith
Manager - Payment Sense